Petition of Settlers 1832-1833


Settlers living along the Trinity and San Jacinto Rivers in 1832-1833 to the Governor Of Choahuila and Texas began November 2, 1827.  Signed by Mateo Ohumada and sent by him to His Excellency Commander in General of the Internal Eastern States. Don Anastacio Bustamante.

Jose W. Broun Duncan St. Clair Jose Carnaiz (Mexican)
Tomas Nash John Berry Daniel Lyon
Tomas D. Gewer Madrah Brooney William Everett
Isaac Moore David Mincha James Griffin
Joge Orr Thomas Williams William Israel
Josiah Taylor Duncan St. Clair Vincent Kirkland
James Morton John Berry Henry Griffith
B.W. Hardin Madrah Brooney Mathew B. With
David Mincha Amos Grem James Robeson
Thomas Williams Juan Jimenes Philip B. Dever
Franklin Hardin (Mexican) Augustin B. Harden
Joseph Lawrence James Knight Samuel Strong
William Milspaugh William Taylor William Duncan
Elisha H. R. Wallace Francis Smith Meredith Duncan
B. M. Spinks William H. Serveal James Humphrey
James McCrakin Joseph Dunman Issac Haris
William H.  Taylor T. Berger Josiah C. martin
Villian Whitlock Henry W. Munson Joseph Green
William Haris Solomon Barrow McRea
Jacob Eself Reuben Barrow Aaron Drak
Joseph Black Benjamin Barrow James McCoy
John Drak John A. Williams Richardo H. Chisholm
Humphrey Jackson Hugh B. Johnston Thomas Davis
Robert Rogers John P. Smith James Canimel
Jesse Reunite Tomas Empe James McFadin
Absolom  Young Christian Smith II Richardo Haris
Samuel Whiting Amos Grem William Taylor
Juan Jimenes James Knight Francis Smith
(Mexican) T. Berger William H. Serveal
Henry W. Munson Joseph Dunman
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