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Chambers County Cattle Brands Index

Chambers County has a rich historical heritage, which is reflected in these records.  All the records in Chambers County were destroyed in a courthouse fire in December of 1875, but by January of 1876 business was being conducted as usual.  A great many of the early brand records which were destroyed by fire were re-filed and so Volume I of the present brand book contains many which were recorded prior to 1875.  Thanks go to County Clerk Mrs. Norma Rowland, and Mr. Kendon Clark.



Oh, the high hawk knows where the rabbit goes,
and the buzzard marks the kill
But few there be with eyes to see the tall men riding still
We hark in vain on the speeding train
for an echo of hoof beat thunder
And the yellow rice is a winding sheet
for cattle trails plowed under


Hoof dust flies at the low moon’s rise
and the bullbat’s lonesome whir
Is an echoed note from the longhorn throat of a steer,
in the days that were
Inch by inch, time draws the cinch,
till the saddle will creak no more
And they who were lords of the cattle hordes
have tallied their final score


This is the song that the night birds
sing as the phantom herds trail by
Horn by horn where the coastal plains fling
flat miles to the Texas sky
And this is the song that the night birds wail
where the Texas plains lie wide
Over the dust of a ghostly trail
where the phantom tall men ride


Tall Men Riding, Barry Taylor


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