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Books For Sale


Books for Sale at Wallisville Heritage Park…


Wallisville Heritage Park is located off Interstate 10 approximately 1 mile east of FM 563. Upon visiting Wallisville Heritage Park, you will find a small museum that has a delightful collection of period pieces and a wonderful library containing all types of genealogical research materials. When visiting, don’t forget to talk to the staff about the history of the area, because they are quite knowledgable on not only Wallisville, but all of Chambers County. Be sure to ask about your Chambers County surname, because they have an extensive vertical file collection maintained by surname. Enjoy your visit!

Wallisville Heritage Park Publications has the below listed publications for sale.


Contact the Wallisville Heritage Park, P.O. Box 16, Wallisville, TX 77597

 Telephone: 409–389-2252


Chambers County, A  Pictorial History   by Margaret Henson and Kevin Ladd

This is a must book for anyone researching families in Chambers County.  The book contains 320 pages, hardcover,

350 black and white photographs, and indexed. Extensive documented history of Chambers County, Texas. Published 1988 by the Donning Company, Norfolk, Virginia. Winner of 1988, T. R. Fehrenbach Award for Best County History of the year.

Cost is $30 plus $4.00 postage and handling. Texas residents add $2.03 state sales tax.

Chambers County, Texas in the War Between the States      by Kevin Ladd

 The book contains 341 pages, hardcover, photographs, and  indexed. Biographical profiles of 205 Confederate veterans and 11 Union veterans who lived in Chambers County. Also includes letters from war front, home front, letters from blockade runner William S. Icet, and 1864-1865 diary of Sgt. John William Hankamer, Company F, Spaight’s (11th) Battalion, CSA. The book recently earned Ladd an award from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who inducted him into their Bonnie Blue Society. Published 1994 by Gateway Press, Baltimore, Maryland. Coat is $18 plus $3.00 postage and handling. Texas residents add $1.22 state sales tax.


            Old River Country, A History of West Chambers County      By Flavia Fleischman

The Wallisville Heritage Park recently reprinted a 1976 local history classic that tells the story of pioneer families that settled Western Chambers County. Out of print for several years, this book has been a popular item. Cost is $20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Texas residents add $1.30 for state sales tax.


            “The Age” A historical paper published monthly.     $20.00 per year subscription



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