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  1. Does anyone know if Samuel Whiting of Chambers County ti related to Dr. Hervey Whiting of Baytown?

    • Samuel Whiting during that time period was not related. Hervey had a father named Samuel, but he died before Hervey moved to Texas in 1833.

  2. R. Crandall, you are a cousin of mine,but we have never met. We are related through Gilbert Brooks who married a Whiting. My grandfather was John G. Martin and my cousin was Mrs. Young. She wrote an article for the history of the Methodist Church. I would like to correspond with you to learn more about my ancestors. I also have lots of pictures that I did to identify from the Baker side of the family. The faces are familiar, but no names are provided. I would certainly appreciate any help with this genealogy. I have contacted Matthew Martin and several historians from Baytown to help me. I certainly would appreciate ocrresponding with you or anyone that can identify the pictures of the Busch and McKinney families.

  3. I am trying to locate information on my great grandfather, William John Smith, Sr. (born Ireland). He was married to a lady named Mary (born Alabama). However, I do believe they spent the majority of their live in Liberty County. His son, John William Smith, Jr. and wife, Mattie, lived and died in Stowell. (There is no explanation as to why the father’s and son’s names were transposed.) John “Billie” and Mattie operated a store as did my father, Howard Lester Smith. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  4. My Grandfather (Joseph A. Bracewell) and Grandmother (Rosie Alice Robbins) show to be living in Chambers County, Precinct 2, District 2 and he is listed as being a Manager for Tie Mill in 1930. They married in 1928. Is the name of the company he worked at correct? What type of business was it?

  5. Trying to piece my Great Grandmother’s (Katie May Morehead) life together after she moved to Chambers County around 1933. Has anyone heard of “Ax Handle” Ranch? Might have been somewhere between Four Corners and Anahuac.

  6. Brown: I am searching for William Martin Brown and wife Sarah Goens (she was supposed to be of the Woodville Indian Tribe/Choctaw). Written history stays that William built a sugar mill in Livingston, just after the Texas/Mexican War, and later moved to Wallisville and operated a Hotel.
    I am not sure that William was his proper name, I can not find either of them in censuses, graves, tax rolls, etc.
    Any information and documentation would be extremely helpful. I am finding DNA matches, but, everyone is confused as to these two people.
    Thank you for your help.

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