South of intersection State Hwy 146 and IH10, area west of railroad crossing and State Hwy 146.

 Over grown and much underbrush.



BUSCH, Maria 2-18-1820 – 4-27-1894 (toppled)

BUSCH, Franklin A. 6-9-1881 age 69 (fallen)

BUSCH, Celestine b. Baden, Germany 4-1-1824 died Harris Co., TX 2-9-1902

BUSCH, Mary  5-20-1881  6-29-1896  (broken)

Other graves evident but no makers

Morgan Cemetery 100 feet southwest of Busch not accessible.



Located near the Center of 19 acre tract in William Bloodgood Augmentation Survey described in Deed to A. S. Morgan 3-5-1898  Vol. J. page 390 Deed Records

Old Asa Morgan Headstone has following on the front or East Side thereof: Asa Morgan M.D. Born Feb. 22, 1826 Died Aug. 23, 1895; New Marker shows: “Asa Morgan Iowa, Surgeon 12 Regt. Ill Cav. Civil War, Feb. 28, 1826 Aug. 23, 1895”

On S. Side “Rowena Morgan, Born Nov. 21, 1839, Died Nov. 20,1872

On N. Side: “Hattie M. Morgan Died Dec. 25, 1882, Aged 35 yrs 10 mos 10 days” Hattie Morgan is buried just North of Asa Morgan. She was his 2nd wife.

Catherine Landon Morgan is buried Just South of Asa Morgan “Catherine Landon Morgan Born Nov. 10,1872, Died June 21,1873.

Rowena Morgan’s grave marked with single marker marked “R.M.” lies just South of Catherine’s grave.

The next grave to the South is: “Catherine Isbell Born April 1, 1805 Died July 19,1872