Winfree Rd and State Highway 146, turn west on Winfree Rd. cemetery is on private property and cannot be entered.  The two graves are not visible from the road.




Kenney Winfree 11-7-1871  11-10-1900

Son of  Zachery Taylor Long  and Mary Catherine Fisher Winfree


Mary C. Winfree 3-31-1850  10-31-1935

Wife of Zachery Taylor Long Winfree


.MARY CATHERINE1 FISHER was born March 03, 1850 in Trinity Bay, Chambers Co., Texas, and died October 31, 1935 in Barbers Hill, (Mont Belvieu) Chambers Co., Texas.  She married ZACHERY TAYLOR LONG (ADOPTED) WINFREE March 14, 1864 in Trinity Bay, Chambers Co., Texas, She was the daughter of Jeremiah Conrad and Sarah Barrow Fisher.



2.           i.   EDWIN H.2 WINFREE, b. October 28, 1868, Chambers County, Texas.

             ii.   ZACHARY JEREMIAH WINFREE, b. July 15, 1870; d. 1918, Westfield, Texas.

3.         iii.   KINNEY WINFREE, b. November 07, 1871, Chambers County, Texas.

4.         iv.   SARAH ELMYRA WINFREE, b. October 12, 1874, Chambers County, Texas.

5.          v.   ERNEST WATSON WINFREE, b. September 01, 1877, Cove,  Chambers County, Texas; d. 1924, Cove,  Chambers County, Texas.

6.         vi.   OTIS KETON WINFREE, b. October 01, 1886, Chambers County, Texas; d. 1972.

From genealogy files of Barbara Fitzgerald Benson